Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Embrace the Frequent Flier

Embracing the Frequent Flier...
Yes, that is what I'm trying to do this year!

Honestly, I've been here before- that ugly place where I see Student ID
walk though the door & I think to myself...
"UGH... not again. 
Why is this kid always coming down to the office? 
I swear (s)he is down here at least once a day if not twice!"

However, I'm trying to move to that pretty place where I focus
more on the WHY instead of the UGH part :)

There has to be some unmet need being filled by visiting
the school nurse on such a regular basis.

My goal is to try to figure out WHY some kids visit so often!
I want to embrace the frequent flier
... learn something about them and maybe
learn a little more about what it means
to be a good school nurse in the process!

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