Friday, May 20, 2011

Getting out of PE class... Attempt #37!

No PE for Me!

Years ago I worked at a junior high school (grades 6, 7, & 8). 

One day a nice, quiet, smart boy
 (and obviously someone who planned ahead!)
colored me a beautiful picture. 

He even wrote in bubble letters
thanking me for "Three years of healing"! 

My heart melted as I thought of how much
he appreciated all of my help over the years :) 

The very next day he returned to my office
(keep in mind I'm still feeling appreciated and thankful because
of the beautiful bubble letter artwork he recently gifted me!)

 He asked me if I still liked the picture he made just for me! 
Of course I'm thrilled to tell him how much I still liked the picture. 

Then he begs me to please, please, please
excuse him from PE class that day...
I'm CRUSHED- that quickly! 

What some kids won't do to get out of mile run day! 
Anyone relate?


  1. AnonymousMay 24, 2011

    You are finally writing your soap opera, Taking a Turn 4 the Nurse.
    I will love reading this.