Thursday, May 19, 2011

Diary Of A School Nurse- The First Blog Post

original post 05/19/2011
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Helpful School Nurse Tip: Do What You LOVE, LOVE What You Do!

Am I a school nurse blogger now?

I've never "blogged" before.... 

I've read a lot of blogs but never actually blogged.

However, I have been a school nurse for over 25 years.  
You can read more about my school nurse career HERE.

Throughout those years I've kept a record of some of the best stories. 

Things that have happened along the way in the school nurse's office.
Things that will make you laugh, cry, or maybe both!

Things that have worked well for my office(s).
Things that could have worked out better.

Are you a school nurse reading this blog?
If so, I hope you can relate to the stories I share.

And may you find a few hopefully helpful school nurse tips along the way.

Remember I would love to read your thoughtful comments too! 

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