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How The School Nurse Tracks All Things COVID


All Things COVID For The School Nurse

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Helpful School Nurse Tip: COVID responsibilities have added another job to our already full time job, right? Use these Google items to help you stay as organized as possible.

COVID-19 Tracking Sheet

Welcome to the very first COVID-19 digital product The School Nurse created back in the fall of 2020. I needed something easy and editable to use that I could track student attendance, staff attendance, create a weekly report, etc. I also wanted something that could easily be shared with the other nurse at my school and those who "needed to know" in case I wasn't able to be at work for whatever reason.  

This Teachers Pay Teachers product is what I created and continue to use this school year. hey are 100% editable, so you can customize them specific to your school/s and your needs. Currently, the top row of each sheet is "frozen", so it will be visible whether you have 10 entries or 510 entries!  These COVID Google sheets keep me organized and provide an easy way to access all the COVID information I need on a daily basis.  I think they would help you too! You can create your own, or purchase these and edit them to meet your needs.


Tabs Include:

  1. Student Attendance Sheet
  2. Staff Attendance Sheet
  3. Weekly Report
  4. No Mask / Alternative Diagnosis Sheet
  5. LHD Notification Sheet

To help you get started, I created this informational video. Keep in mind I'm not a videographer. You will hear beautiful windchimes in the background but also some hopefully, helpful information about using this product and making your school nurse days a little easier!  Also, in this video you will hear me refer to using "email notifications"!... Keep reading below to learn more about that useful tool!


The sample wording in this product is based on Illinois guidelines from October 2020. Great news though- this product is 100% editable! So, you can update the wording based on the current guidelines your school is using today!  

The main purpose of the FREE product is to teach other school nurses how to use Google EMail Templates!  I've implemented the use of email templates for any email situation I can- they are a huge time saver and provide consistency when communicating with others on the same topic. I hope using them helps you too and remember my disclaimer about not being a professional video maker- enjoy the content ...

Includes Sample Notification Wording For:
1. Close Contact- free
2. Positive Test Results
3. Waiting on Test Results
4. Household Member with Symptom
5. Student with Any Symptom

Using EMail templates is a must have if you are a school nurse trying to save time but yet provide a consistent message with those you are in contact with related to the COVID issues above. 

These 5 sample wording options are
100% editable- the wording is a suggestion I used when I originally created them in October of 2020. Since then, I've updated my own based on the guidelines my school is following. You can edit and update these samples to be specific to your school's COVID-19 guidelines. 
This wording bundle comes with a How-To video (shown above), but you can also view the training video on YouTube here:


Great for coaches and/or other athletic department staff to use as a symptom checker for athletes!

This product is an editable Google Slide. It is easy to use via print or shared access of Google drive.

Best of all- this COVID-19 Athlete Monitoring product is FREE.

COVID - Athlete Return To Play Progression Form  Many state sport associations are requiring athletes have a medical release post COVID-19 diagnosis and recovery and prior to their return to participation in sports. 

Is this a requirement in your state?  If so, use this Google Doc as the form student athletes use to provide their medical release and/or Stage of Return to Play Progression prior to their return to sports. 

The Google doc is 100% editable which allows you and your athletic department or athletic trainer to customize it to your specific needs and requirements. 

Help you student athletes return to their sports as soon and as safely as possible.

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