Wednesday, September 15, 2021

School Nurse Supply Lists

 Suggested School Nurse Supply Lists

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Helpful School Nurse Tips:  Having the proper tools for your job actually can make your job easier! The proper health center supplies will add to the functionality of your school nurse office. Check out the nurse's office supply lists below that were you created with the school nurse in mind. 

Online Shopping for School Nurse Office Supply Items

Does your school school district have a business account with Amazon?  Mine does and I love it! I order the majority of the school nurse office supplies from Amazon because the prices are reasonable and the shipping is FAST! On average items arrive within 3 days- sometimes 1 day and sometimes 2 days, but typically three business days. This is great because I can wait until the last minute, order items, receive them and have time to use them prior to their expiration date. View all of The School Nurse's shopping idea lists today.


Why reinvent the wheel, right?  This Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) storefront is full of digital items created specifically with the school nurse in mind! The majority of these items are editable and link directly to your Google drive. Many school districts allow staff to purchase items from TpT- you'll have to find out if it's possible for you to purchase these items without using your own money.  There are many FREE items in The School Nurse TpT store too- take a look.


I love the convenience of online searches, but I also really appreciate a great resource book that can be held in my hands. Can you relate?  If so, check out this list of school nurse resource books.


Prior to the pandemic I averaged thirty scheduled medications administered during the school day. For a few different reasons, throughout the pandemic, that number has dramatically dropped. Regardless though, I have to be prepared for the number to jump up again.  Check out this idea list full of useful supplies related to medications at school.  Also, if you train any unlicensed staff to administer medication you might be interested in this FREE medication administration, documentation, & storage training presentation!


PPE- it is more than a great idea!  Although the requirements of what we need to wear may change from year to year and procedure to procedure you need to have the proper equipment available to you. This year the most common forms of PPE my school uses is masks, gowns, shields, and gloves. What about your school?  Review this list of common PPE needed for many school settings and order what you need for each semester.


This school year 10% of the student population has a diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes. The majority of these students function completely independently and usually have all of their needed supplies. I might only see them if they need help with a site change, to treat a low, or a random high. Even though those students are self sufficient, the office needs to be prepared to step in when needed and have the proper supplies to meet the doctor orders listed in the Diabetes Medical Management Plans! In order to help make sure we have what they need, I keep many of the items listed in the Diabetes Idea List for School Nurses in stock in the school health center / school nurse's office. Do you too?


Are you even a school nurse if you don't have a favorite bandaid, thermometer, or way to make an ice pack?  Your state and your school district will determine exactly what type of first aid care you can offer your students.  You want to always protect your nursing license and make sure you are practicing within your scope and offering appropriate services. In most settings supplying a bandaid, checking a temperature, and offering an ice pack are within your scope. Check out my favorites here: 4-wing fabric and latex-free bandaids, Welch Allyn SureTemp thermometer, Countertop Ice Maker


Are you prepared for a health emergency in the school setting? School nurses must be prepared for anything to happen at any time. If you're a school nurse then you've probably been called to assist during a health emergency involving a student, staff member, or visitor; if not yet, you will! View this list of items I keep in my emergency response box!

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