Tuesday, February 19, 2013

i am a parent in denial...

Do you know a parent in denial?

I talk to a lot of parents everyday!
How many you ask?  Probably 10-25.
I'm guessing- I should really keep track one day because the
actual number might be even more!

Anyway... there are times when I talk to a parent in denial.
This denial could be related to a number of issues their child has.
A few examples include:
  1. grades
  2. attendance
  3. friend choices
  4. clothing choices
  5. overall choices
The list could go on and on-Surely you're thinking of a few things right now :)

It can be very frustrating when someone so close to a potentially dangerous situation
can't seem to see accept what is actually happening.

Does being too emotionally close the situation make the reality blurred?

I recently tweeted about an article related to parents in denial.

You can read the article "Not My Kid: when parents are in denial"  here.

I was able to relate to the article because of a 
situation I was recently involved with at school.

Denial is not helping your child :(

I also wrote another I AM poem!

Can you related to any of this?

I would love to hear from you :)

On a totally unrelated note....Happy Birthday! 
Within my family of 5- three of us will have birthdays this week!

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