Friday, March 29, 2013

Otis Update

WOW!- this week little Otis consumed my mind and heart!

Not only my mind and heart but the minds and hearts of many others too.
If you missed the first 2 posts you can read them here and here.
I'm happy to report that Otis is making A LOT of great progress!
So much so that they vet is 'pretty certain' he is going to make a full recovery!
Needless to say, we are beyond thrilled!
His gait is still rigid, but with time that is getting better.
His pupils are more focused too.
His appetite is wonderful and of course
his attitude has been great the entire time!
He is still being treated with 4 different medications
and receives IV fluids twice a day.
We are doing all of that at home.
Here is a sweet video you can watch
Video of Otis walking a short distance to the "Big Girl"!

Thanks for all of your prayers :)

Maybe in one of my next posts I'll disclose how expensive
it is to treat a puppy with a rare viral illness!

And if I do, I'll figure out how to add a 'donate' button :)


Monday, March 25, 2013

Pray For A Puppy

An Otis Update...

Well, believe it or not, we brought Otis home Monday! 
The vet said she was pleased with the small improvements he was making! 
We are by no means 'out of the woods' but at this point any improvement is a good thing! 
 If you want to know more details of his quick illness you can jump over the this recent post.

I'm trying to be positive...

Of course the situation is sad- too sad for written words at this point in time.
But, I am looking for any positive changes he is making.
I'll share 3 good things we saw today:
  1. He was able to come home
  2. His reflexes are 'normal'
  3. He still has his appetite
  4. He tries really, really hard to sit or stand
  5. He responds very positively to the kids
  6. He wags his tail when he sees us
  7. He can roll onto his back
  8. His 'jumping' pupils are getting better
Oops, Did I say just 3 good things....
Well once I started listing them I just couldn't stop myself!

We hope tomorrow brings even more positive changes.

He has another vet appointment at 8:30 AM!

Oh and Please share this post with anyone you know who will Pray For A Puppy!


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Remember Our New Puppy?

Not too long ago I posted about our new puppy, Otis.
Sadly, he has developed a rare neurological virus
(maybe distemper) and he is very sick!
He has actually receive 2 of the 3 distemper immunizations,
but the vet says this virus can be airborne and
transferred to new pups from wild raccoons-
which visit our yard nightly :(
It is usually a fatal disease, but there is always hope
we caught the symptoms early enough and
that his body can fight the virus...
He is trying his best to be a little fighter!
He is so weak though; he isn't able to stand or walk.
He has been hospitalized for several nights.
You can see his IV on his paw:(
He seems to have his appetite and is able to lift his head
and wag his tail.  He still wants to be petted and tries to move.
However, it is almost as if his legs are on ice and they just slide around-
it is horribly sad to see him this way.
Come morning the doctors want to re-evaluate his condition and prognosis.
Although he has only been with his for a short time, 
we  are all extremely attached to him.
The kids love to take him on walks and play with him.
They have been looking forward to the warm weather
so they could play fetch with him and play with him outside.
He loves to be babied and is already a lover of soft, comfy furniture!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


A random post about former students and a cat video!

A couple of years ago I was making dinner and
could hear the news on the TV in the other room.
The news anchor was talking about a You Tube video
that was making everyone laugh. 
I was listening from the other room and so I could only hear the voices at first.
When I did thought the voices instantly reminded me of  2 students-
we'll call them Student T and Student B!
(who else thinks of kids from work when you're at home?)
I made my way to the TV to see what the video was all about and
was shocked when I cats on the screen!
Anyway, not only did the voices of the cats remind me of these 2 students,
but the 'personalities' of the cats did too!
The next day I had to share the video with these students
(and several other students and staff members-
Why?  because I just think it is so funny!)
and not surprisingly they agreed with me!
We watched the video several times that school year
and always laughed!

Makes me wonder what Student T and Student B are doing these days?



Sunday, March 17, 2013

i am the school nurse

Yes, I Am The School Nurse

I originally posted an 'I am the school nurse' poem on September 28, 2011
That original I Am poem really talks about who I was
as a school nurse at that particular time in my career.
The nice thing about writing these poems is that they can change
depending on the situations, experiences, and current issues you are dealing with.

So, although I enjoy reading that original poem;
I wanted to write another one that more closely represents
what is going on now with me and my school nursing experience. 
I wish I had written something similar back in 1996 when I first started school nursing-
how interesting would that be to read today!?
Anyway... in 2011 I also didn't make 'printables', so my poem
is just written as a typical blog post.
Which is fine, but I really like inserting the printable versions now!

2013 I Am The School Nurse Poem

2011 I Am The School Nurse Poem

How have you changed over the years?
Is there a particular situation or student
that really stands out in your mind?
I would love to hear from you!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Another To Do List

What will I do next week?


Do you feel like you're reading the same list

from last week and even the week before!?

I really haven't added anything new.
I wasn't able to focus on a lot this week because ... well
1. The office was busy
2. I had to do random drug tests
3. I was actually sick one day :(
4. I had a couple of meetings which took me out of the office

What did I accomplish?

I did finish up my evaluation! 
For what it is worth I earned an "excellent"!
However, there is a lot I want to work on and improve
this year and in the upcoming years!
As for next week,
I really want to get the messy cabinet organized-
wish me luck!

Is there one thing you really want to take off of your to-do list?

If so, what is it?  I would love to hear from you!
Feel free to leave a comment :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Happy St.Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day- a few days early!

And to help you celebrate I made a cute printable!
You should be able to right click, save as a picture,
then print or include it in an email to your favorite school nurse!
The free printables from last St. Patrick's can be found here.
Evidently I like the green and pink combo- What about you?
I actually had great plans to stay up late tonight.
I was going to download and edit some pictures,
start typing out a blog post idea I have,
and return some emails.
However, I just realized I'm super tired!
So, I'm going to head to bed instead...
I love it when I rhyme without even trying! :)

Enjoy the free St. Patrick's Day School Nurse Printable!

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

to do list...with an update

Things I Want To Do This Week...


Here's a little update too on how my list is moving along:

1. We have received parent permission for 35 students so far for the late April dental clinic. 
The goal is 80 signed forms!  Last year we had 54 students participate.
2.  Still reviewing Tdap dates...We've completed about 400 of the 600 chart reviews.
Then I will need to double check those not in compliance and mail letters home.
3.  Maybe 10 out of 200 screened were referred.  Letters have been mailed home and I need to call students down this week and ask if they've visited an eye doctor yet.  Then I will work on calling parents too.
4.  Still have a messy cabinet, but another area did get cleaned out and stuff was sent to the Moms Who Care room so cleaning and organizing this other cabinet should be a breeze!
5.  After about 5 hours of the evaluation process being complete (yeah!) I have just the post evaluation process to finish up... I'm thinking less than 30 minutes!
As you can see, things are moving right along!

How is your second semester going?

What are you working on now?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Uniformed Scrubs... Cherokee Scrub Top Review

What do you wear to work?

Recently I was contacted by Uniformed Scrubs to write a review
for a stylish Cherokee Scrubs product- more specifically a Cherokee scrub top!

How exciting for me as this is the first product review I am writing!

How exciting for you because Uniformed Scrubs is giving a 15% off coupon code!

Uniformed Scrubs  coupon code 15pbrm
I haven't worn scrubs to work since I worked
in the hospital setting, home health, and then a  doctor's office.
However, once I looked at the Cherokee scrub top options
I thought I would be able to find something
to wear in the school setting and decided to go for it!
I selected a basic black scrub top.
Again, I haven't worn scrubs in a while; so I don't have scrub bottoms.
I decided to pair the basic black scrub top with what I refer to as my "trouser denim pants"...
(aka dressy jeans) and a school logo jacket!

I apologize for the lack of pictures-
I took the pictures myself and the turnout wasn't that good :(

 Can you see the great detail in the scrub top? 
I found the top to be true to size with large enough pockets
to hold an iPhone, school radio, small notebook, pens/pencils, scissors, tape etc! 
Whatever essentials you need to make it through your work day.
I would even recommend these to some high school students I know going through
a local CNA program and/or already working as CNAs!


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Inspired to Plan

Inspired to Plan and Make another List :)

a personal post...

I am always inspired by Melissa @ House Full of Searls
who is wonderful about making a monthly menu plan,
cooking at home, offering recipes to try, and her frugal tips!
Today I had an extra 45 minutes to myself (!)
and decided to actually go through my freezer and cabinets
and do a quick food inventory.
I know- 45 minutes to myself and I worked in my kitchen... super exciting!
Then, I made a grocery list and actually followed it
(with about 97% accuracy!) which is great for me.
I didn't use any coupons, but I shopped at Aldi
and am always pleased with my experience there :)

Here is what I came up with for dinner meals for the next 13 days or so:

1. taco bar (had all of this already)
2.  fish & shrimp with rice and a veggie (had all of this already)
3.noodles with meat sauce and garlic bread with veggie (only had to buy the bread)
4.  Italian Sub with leftover Cheese Soup- (only had to buy things for the subs)
5.  Lazy Day Casserole (only had to buy the meat)
we've had #4 and #5 before and the family found them yummy!
 recipes found on Pinterest-
click on links above and feel free to follow me :) - Elisabeth Barclay
6. tomato soup and grilled cheese- a kids favorite!
7.  PTO dinner- we bought spaghetti dinners from the kids' PTO fundraiser
8.  several nights of leftovers
9. several night of frozen pizza- usually for our really busy nights-
like when 2 out of 3 kids both have activities for 2-2 1/2 hours a night!
I hope this planning helps me make dinner for my family!
I think it helped my grocery shopping bill!
I only spend $147 and that included a bag of diapers too!
This week I did all of my shopping at a local brand new Aldi near my house!

PS I love Aldi!


Saturday, March 2, 2013

to do list...

The snow day slowed me down...

Last week we had a snow day and an early out day,
so I got a little behind on my to-do list.
This week I thought I would try to keep my to-do
list a little simpler.  There are always so many
extra things that pop up during the week
that my to-do list is to keep me focused
when if I have an extra time.
By the way...

Did you notice the School Health link on my sidebar?

I order 99% of the products for my office from School Health.
They have great products and great customer service too!

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